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Carefree workouts in maternity activewear by Active Mama

You want to be able to exercise even if you are pregnant. It is good for your circulation and you stay in shape. Soon though, your regular activewear does not fit as comfortably anymore, which makes it difficult to move. Therefore, wear specialty maternity activewear, that Active Mama has selected and produced for you, during your pregnancy. It fits perfectly and you will look good. So you can enjoy your carefree workouts in maternity activewear by Active Mama.

A sporty pregnancy in maternity activewear

That pregnant belly looks great in the beautiful maternity activewear from our web shop. Just for you, Active Mama developed and selected the most beautiful sports and yoga clothing. Comfort and support were important factors. Of course, we also took into account that your figure changes during your pregnancy. Consequently, your body can change without your sports or yoga outfit getting too tight.

And do not forget that you can also wear our activewear if you are not exercising, just because it is so comfortable!

Only benefits

If you want to exercise in a comfortable outfit in which you also look great, then choose Active Mama  activewear. Even after pregnancy, if your belly has not (completely) disappeared, it will be great to use. 

5 benefits of exercising during your pregnancy

Besides the fact that exercising is great fun, there are a number of important benefits that come with exercising during pregnancy. We have listed them here for you. Please note that it is of course always about responsible pregnancy sports under the guidance of qualified experts, a lot changes in your body during your pregnancy and you can not do the same as you did before your pregnancy!

1.     Less burden of complaints during pregnancy
Pregnancy brings with it various complaints. For example, many people experience back, pelvic, leg, and other discomforts, sleep worse, and nausea. By continuing to exercise and stay healthy during your pregnancy, you will suffer much less from these annoying symptoms.

2.     It's good for your baby
You're not the only one who gets healthier from exercising during pregnancy! It has been scientifically proven that the babies of people who have exercised during pregnancy grow faster and healthier and are more alert and have better coordination after delivery.

3.     Childbirth becomes easier
Giving birth demands a lot from your body. If your body is in good shape, however, it is much easier to perform that heavy task! The chances of complications occurring during labor will be reduced, and the labor itself will likely be faster and lighter.

4.     Faster recovery after childbirth
Even after giving birth you will experience benefits if you have done sports during pregnancy. You will recover faster from your delivery and you will have your odue weight back more quickly.

5.     Less stress
This of course always applies when exercising - by exercising you produce seratonin, a hormone that reduces stress in your body. In addition, exercising is wonderfully relaxing!

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