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Exercising is healthy

Exercising is healthy

What are the benefits of exercising during your pregnancy. Read more!

Exercise and sport during your pregnancy is healthy

A long walk or an hour's swim is incredibly good for you and your baby. During pregnancy, you may feel tired more easily, but more exercise will give you more energy, make you feel stronger, and keep your stamina up. If you already did a lot of sports before you were pregnant, you can continue to do so. There are a number of sports that are not advised during pregnancy because of safety concerns, such as martial arts, winter sports, and ball sports. A number of suitable sports during your pregnancy are yoga or pilates, for example, but walking, fitness, dancing and cycling are also good for your body. 


7 tips

Before you start exercising, it's important to eat something high in carbohydrates an hour beforehand;
If you exercise with an instructor, inform them about your pregnancy;
Always wear comfortable sports clothing that is suitable for pregnant women;
Make sure you have enough water before, during, and also after exercising;
Don't set the bar too high for yourself and be satisfied with the results you achieve;
Make sure you don't exercise your abdominal muscles, as they move to the side during pregnancy to make more room for your baby;
Our most important tip: always listen to your body!


The benefits of exercise

It's often said that exercising is not good for your baby but fortunately this is not entirely true. Unless you have problems with your pelvis or other complications, it is actually very good to exercise as long as you listen to your own body.

So what are the main benefits?

- You feel much fitter during pregnancy;
- You suffer less from pregnancy ailments;
- During childbirth, a fit body is an aid;
- The recovery after the birth is faster;
- And you are back to your old self more quickly after your pregnancy.

Enough reasons to enjoy exercising!


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